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Please note that this English language version is intended to guide English speaking users through this catalogue and allow basic navigation by providing search tools in this language. The database itself and with it single coin entries, the glossary, and comments, however, remain in German. Please consider this when choosing your search terms.


Feature search

The „Interactive Catalogue“ offers different filter- and search options which are partly aimed at scholars and partly at laymen with no advance knowledge in the field of numismatics.

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The collection of the coin cabinet can be explored by means of the following search strategies and options:



Orders the objects by departments or historical periods (Antiquity, Middle Ages, Early Modern Period, Medallions), i.e. chronologically according to the periodization common in Art history or by century.


Text search

Allows users to search for specific objects in any description field of the Database by means of any keyword.

The field related search option allows a free text search in selectable fields in combination with keywords in “Technical Terms”, “Material” or “Date” with the Boolean operator “AND”.

The fields “Country” and “Mint” allow users to search for modern states and the mints located within their territories. A country needs to be selected first in order to be able to search for mints.


Reference search allows the systematical selection according to selected standard reference works.

The results list will be organized by publication, i.e. by to the numbers of the catalogue in question. Some objects may be found under more than one reference (z.B. some coins of Augustus occurring in both RIC and RPC).


Search terms

Time, Place, Image and other criteria are primarily aimed at users without advance knowledge in the field of numismatics. Here Several concepts relating to geography, chronology, iconography and coin production can be selected from a search matrix.


My Tablet

In My Tablet you can store, browse and print out your personal selection of coins. Please note that your selection will be deleted when you close your browser window.

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