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In cooperation with the Institute of Classical Archeology, the Department of Ancient History and Epigraphy of the University of Heidelberg owns a coin collection consisting of more than 4,000 Greek and Roman coins. Originally, the collection dates back to Georg Friedrich Creuzer (1771-1858) and has gradually increased to today's size due to later acquisitions and donations. From the very beginning the collection was intended for academic purposes. It was meant to document the development of coins from their emergence in Archaic Greece to Late Antiquity.


To provide access to this numismatic material to the scientific community as well as to the public, the catalogue of the ZAW is now available online. We would like to invite you to research in and browse through our collection.




Dr. Susanne Börner (susanne.boerner@zaw.uni-heidelberg.de)

Ein Blick in die Münzsammlung der Universität Heidelberg
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